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In Bangladesh As of year 2008/2009, Bangladesh has got over 40 million mobile subscribers out of which at least 30% are using the next generation mobile sets having GPRS, EDGE, MMS, WAP.

VAS- We Support All Operators

GrameenPhone, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk

Well established digital house with devoted technical professional

I-infomedia Limited started its operation in March 2006, working in mobile content development &
mobile interactive service/solution business in Bangladesh market.

I-infomedia is one of the fastest mobile content/service provider & application aggregator of Bangladesh

Within a few months of operation it is already connected with every single Telecom Operator in the country. I-Infomedia Limited is currently connected with the 6 major
operators GrameenPhone Bangladesh – a subsidiary of Telenor Norway, AKTEL – TM International
(BD) Limited, Citycell – Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited, Banglalink – ORASCOM TELECOM
Company, Teletalk – Teletalk Bangladesh Limited & Warid Telecom Bangladesh LTD. I-infomedia
intends to provide SMS based solutions to the services offered by various institutes, organization &

• Proven Technical expertise–Innovators of solutions which only exists in i-infomedia like, SMS interactive University solution, SMS based Dictionary etc.
• Well established digital house with devoted technical professional
• Strong marketing, customer support and IT force.
• Already providing, one of a kind SMS solutions to demanding institutions like
BTV (Bangladesh Television), DESH TV, MIST (Military Institute of Science & Technology), Ekttor TV, Channel 24, Independent University Bangladesh, KFC, Pizzahut & A&W.
Strong connection with Newspaper Industries. 4 Leading daily newspapers are published online on the News Portal Management System Developed by our sister concern Colors of Bangladesh.
• Has proven expertise in the field which involves TV channel/broadcast.
• Strategic Content Partnership with the most popular FM band radio channel,
Radio Foorti”, “Radio Dhoni”, “Radio 71”, “Colors Radio” also more than eight community radio.
• Strong print media support having an ownership of a joint venture life style event magazine FnL Dhaka.
• New marketing channels in the form of Touch screen Kiosk units in the major hotels, airport, convention centers and universities and points of interactions and Logo Vision
that will be introduced for the first time in Bangladesh
• Strong web based eZine Platform ( Strong Shop-link and mall-link.
• Well established mobile phone & card distribution channel nationwide.

Globally data & value Added Services (VAS) is expected to exceed $50 Billion by the year
2010 worldwide.

The VAS market is estimated to grow at the rate of 30-40% annually.

Globally VAS contributes to 10-13% of total telecom revenue and this figure is estimated to reach 50% by the year 2010

As of year 2008/2009, Bangladesh has got over 40 million mobile subscribers out of which at
least 30% are using the next generation mobile sets having GPRS, EDGE, MMS, WAP.

In Bangladesh mobile phone started operating with CDMA in the year 1992 by only one mobile company named Citycell. Since 1997 Grameen Phone started its business with GSM System and so on AKTEL and followed by Banglalink. Since then till now 40 million people is using mobile

Only a handful number of company is involved in mobile content development business but the presence and support in the market towards phone users are insignificant



There are many reasons why SMS is highly rated as an efficient media channel. Here are some glimpses:

SMS is Cost-effective

As a communications medium, SMS is the most cost-effective way of communicating to any mobile audience. Data is transmitted via different mobile channels than voice, and can be delivered to a handset at a fraction of a voice call. The fact that SMS can be sent out in bulk to large groups of recipients in a manual or automated manner further means that fewer resources are required to action the communication.

High Reach

Globally, there are around 7 times more mobile handsets than there are Internet access points. This means that more people can be reached via SMS than with, for instance, e-mail or fax communications. Especially in developing countries, the lack of non-mobile delivery mechanisms is aggravated. SMS is at the same time mobile, in the sense that recipients can be reached wherever they are. Further to the above, using the correct gateway will allow for global reach, with the same features, delivery and cost as a local message.

High Response to Calls-to-Action

Because SMS is an extremely personal means of communication, and handset screens are seen as nonpublic real estate, there is a high level of attention for any text message that is received by the individual. Almost invariably, the whole message is read, which is really easy since the protocol is constrained to delivering 160 characters (if no concatenation is used). These factors induce a higher than average response rate to a call to action, as there are high attention levels to incoming messages. At the same time, of course, it means that abuse and unsolicited messages are aggressively reacted upon.


An SMS is typically delivered within seconds, depending on the SMS infrastructure, message traffic, and of course on the handset being switched on and within coverage. Because messages are pushed to the handset by the delivering network’s SMSC and does not rely on the recipient retrieving it from a server, it is an extremely reliable means of getting time-sensitive messages to recipients. Whether a message is sent to 50 people in a foreign country, or simply to a staff member on the way to a meeting, it is an effective way of communicating directly to the intended recipient as close to real time as possible.


Should a business integrate SMS with its existing (legacy) database environments, SMS can be automated as easily as it is to automate the sending of e-mail. I-infomedia, for instance, allows for generic protocol integration such as e-mail, FTP, HTTP, SMPP, XML and windows application systems to its gateways. The business is then able to automate or scripts the messages, which means that a bank can easily send automated balance updates, a financial firm stock prices based on movement, etc.


Since SMS was launched, it has excelled as an acceptable communications medium. Due to continued increase in reliability, with end-to-end solutions providers such as i-infomedia committed achieving 100% reliability, it is widely accepted as new business communications channel.

Message Reporting

SMS messages can be saved on your existing IT infrastructure, but is also logged with a full message report by the system that i-infomedia employs. Messages can be searched based on date, content, destination number and product or ID employed. This allows full tracking and reporting, which allows the business to exercise control.

Personal and Discreet

One SMS - one recipient. SMS messages are sent to individual mobile handsets where it is personal and aimed at that specific individual, allowing for compelling one-to-one communications. SMS is different from other kinds of mass media, in that it is direct and private. Communication to a mobile handset is therefore also dangerous, if not well thought out and relevant.


As with the automation of messages, SMS can also be customized, even if sent in bulk or by an application. This can be done with the use of SMS merge applications, or through existing database functions and queries, which are directed to the SMS gateway. No additional infrastructure may be required to send personalized mobile messages, thereby increasing the relevance for the recipient.

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Our Specialities

I-Infomedia Short Codes & Ports

Short codes, also known as short numbers are special numbers, significantly shorter than full mobile numbers, which can also be used to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile phones.

7171, 2332 & 9840 are the short codes that are registered to I-Infomedia Limited

7171 Short code is dedicated to TEXT based services. 7171 Short code is derived from ‘1971’ the year
of Bangladesh’s liberation. It was selected to symbolize that epic moment.

2332(ADDA) Short code is dedicated to premium services. 2332 or ADDA is derived from the Bangla word ADDA meaning hanging out, gossiping to ones favorite pastime. Symbolizing the reflection of Bengali lifestyle & heritage.

I-Infomedia is assigned with the 7171 as an IVR PORT. Upon dialing to the number 7171 the respected audience would be able to reach VOICE based IVR services, assisted via voice based menu.

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